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With the rapid evolution of technology and especially in this very sensitive time, when there is an ongoing pandemic, online shopping has become the preferred way of shopping for most shoppers. However, even as e-commerce owners strain every curtain to reduce page load times, ensuring high and stable website performance remains a challenging task.

Web performance has a crucial impact on numerous aspects, including customer satisfaction, conversion rates, search engine rankings and, consequently, economic results. It is clear that customers will not purchase from a bug-ridden, slow-moving web store.

According to statistics, 47% of online shoppers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. And if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 40% of all customers will leave. Therefore, maintaining a fast and easy-to-access website is a top priority for Magento E-Commerce owners.

In this way, you can provide an optimal user experience and make sure to greatly reduce the notorious effect of cart abandonment. In this article, we will share 4 very effective, yet simple tools for measuring and optimizing Magento performance.

But first, let’s start with an overview of why Magento can run slowly …

Why can Magento performance be slow?

There are many reasons to choose Magento over other ecommerce platforms, but besides the positives, there are also some concerns. Magento is considered to be a resource consuming system and therefore it is quite slow. In fact, there are numerous complaints about Magento performance that are found around the web.

But let’s see what can actually affect the speed of a Magento site so crucially.

Inappropriate hosting

In most cases, those who own an Ecommerce, tend to reduce expenses to a minimum, especially if the business is starting. Also, you might think that the store traffic is pretty even and thus ignore the fact that most sales are usually done during peak hours.

This is why an e-vendor is likely to choose a server with default settings and low productivity . Unfortunately, these settings don’t get along very well with Magento. Sometimes hosting platforms aren’t scalable enough to meet needs as an ecommerce business grows. As a result, the Magento site is hosted on a server with improper software and hardware.

Strong increase in traffic

As the website starts generating sales and traffic, this problem is further compounded. A reseller tries their best to generate more sales by using various marketing and SEO tools. But the increase in traffic could easily lead to a server crash if the server is not configured correctly. Then the sales stop altogether until the server is up again. The slow server during traffic spikes causes a huge increase in the bounce rate.


So here’s the paradox: The more traffic these stores get, the less sales they will eventually have . This is evident: customers are looking for a stable and fast shop. Additionally, the slow speed and unavailability of the site lowers the store’s Google page ranking, which negates the store owner’s marketing and SEO efforts.

Too many extensions

Here is another problem to consider: due to numerous extensions installed and / or improper server settings very often the Magento back-end turns out to be even slower than the front-end. It greatly increases the time taken by the admin to manage the store. Frustrating, isn’t it? Magento was designed to be extensible and to serve any user, even the most demanding. To deal with this, the system isolates each functionality so that changing that functionality does not affect the rest of Magento. As a result, many files are read in thousands of folders for every single web store visitor. So, in a way, Magento’s better quality (flexibility) causes its main drawback: slow performance. Therefore,

4 tools to measure and optimize the speed of your Magento



Speed ​​Hostgento


With our application you can simply check if your Magento is slow. Check the Google Page Speed ​​score and check the performance of your site.

Not only!

You can also request a 1 month free trial for your Magento hosting, secure, optimized and fast!

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Page Speed ​​Insight


By uploading the url on this site, you can check the problems related to the speed of your store. You will be provided with an analysis of what are the criticalities of your store, in terms of performance.

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How fast does your site load? You can find out with this tool. You will be able to see the performance of your store, understand why the site presents problems and see what are the optimization possibilities.

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Solarwind – Pingdon


Analyze the loading speeds of your websites and find out how to make them faster. The Website Speed ​​Test allows you to identify what’s fast, slow, too big on a webpage, what best practices you’re not following, and so much more.

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Without a shadow of a doubt, web store loading speed will remain one of the most important factors influencing conversion rates and SEO rankings in the e-commerce industry. We hope our suggestions will help you speed up the performance of your Magento store, resulting in better user experience and customer loyalty.

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