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PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform developed in France in 2007, free to download and open source. This means that every E-Commerce owner is able to modify the software code to adapt their store to their individual needs.

This platform is perfect for any type of business, be it small, medium or large. You can easily customize your site, manage and choose the payment method you prefer and generally set up your site as you want.

But, despite being free, how much does it cost to create an E-Commerce with PrestaShop? Are we sure it’s completely free?

In this article we will look at just that.

How much does development cost for PrestaShop?

If you want to start your business in the right direction and create a functional E-Commerce, you will need a professional team of developers, with knowledge and experience. In addition, it is essential to hire people who are responsible for the visual aspect of the store, as this is certainly a fundamental aspect to improve sales.

The hourly rate of qualified professionals may vary depending on the country.

So let’s see an overview of the cost of development services for PrestaShop, as far as professionals are concerned.

  • In the United States, we can observe the highest price – $ 120-125.
  • In the UK, developments earn around $ 65-70.
  • In European countries, prices vary by region – around $ 60-80.
  • If we talk about lower development rates, we can find them in South America (around $ 15-20) and in Asia (around $ 35).

The hourly rate of the agencies, on the other hand, is higher and this is because they have a more professional approach and are more reliable.

  • Prices in US agencies are around $ 20-50.
  • In the UK, prices range from $ 20 to 130 depending on the customer’s needs.
  • In South America, prices are significantly lower: $ 5-20.
  • In Asia, customers should pay around $ 10-20.

These prices, of course, can vary depending on the scale and difficulty of the client’s projects. The hourly rate of the agencies will be different in each region. So, in case you need a highly skilled job, choose a reputable development company.

How much do PrestaShop themes and extensions cost?

A large variety of modules and templates can be found in the PrestaShop marketplace . You will see that the navigation is quite simple and thanks to a menu and the sidebar of the filter, you can immediately find what you are looking for.

PrestaShop add-ons

The official PrestaShop marketplace – PrestaShop Addons – offers more than 5,000 modules and themes that help you customize your online store.

This way, you can increase traffic, improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty. In fact, there are many possibilities that PrestaShop with its modules can offer you.

The modules are divided into 10 categories. Examples of categories are:

  • Product page
  • Design and navigation
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Traffic and markets
  • Payment
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Administration
  • Clients
  • Facebook and social networks
  • Specialized platforms

PrestaShop template

The design of your store is a fundamental aspect for your customers, because it gives professionalism to your store.

There are more than 1300 free and paid PrestaShop themes. To choose the one that best suits your business, you can use the useful filters by category, color, rating, extended functionality, style and version of the platform.

The main categories for the themes are:

  • Premium models
  • Fashion and shoes
  • Electronics and computers
  • Food and restaurant
  • Drinks and tobacco
  • House & Garden
  • Jewelery and accessories
  • Health & Beauty

Prices vary and the cheapest cost between 45-60 €. The more complex ones, on the other hand, can even reach up to € 300.

How much does a hosting for PrestaShop cost?

Clearly if you decide to use PrestaShop, you will also have to choose a hosting where to stay your site. The prices for hosting vary depending on the characteristics of the latter.

Prices can start from a minimum of € 25 and up, it all depends on the type of plan.

If you want information about our hosting plans for PrestaShop, contact us!

How much does PrestaShop support cost?

PrestaShop offers several support plans for open source at additional costs. Plus, you have access to useful resources like PrestaShop forum, community, documentation, FAQ, YouTube tutorials.

We describe the main assistance plans and discover the main features:


So, is PrestaShop actually the right solution for you? Does it have more advantages or disadvantages? Can it make your business profitable? Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Advantages of PrestaShop

  • A free e-commerce solution.
  • You can get support from the open source community.
  • A large number of features (over 600) such as item tracking and out of stock alerts
  • Lots of different themes and modules to expand your store and make it unique.
  • Awesome features
  • The ability to manage your online store internationally
  • PrestaShop is translated into over 25 languages
  • Advanced SEO features – management of meta titles, descriptions and URLs
  • Large selection of payment options: PayPal Standard and Pro, Skrill, Stripe, WorldPay, offline processing, etc.

Disadvantages of PrestaShop

  • There are additional costs beyond the software itself
  • Several add-ons can be very expensive, and some of them can be incompatible
  • The developer’s knowledge and experience may be required and it will cost a lot

All in all, PrestaShop is a good solution with a lot of advantages if you need to create an online store with a lot of customization options. But there are some drawbacks, such as the additional costs. if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, PrestaShop is not for you.


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