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We saw in one of our latest articles this new platform that is slowly making its way: Sylius .

Most of the systems available on the market give you access to a huge number of advanced features, but extending them by applying custom solutions is sometimes quite difficult. Sylius, on the other hand, allows you to create flexible solutions. In fact, you can add new features, so that every single part of the code of your application can be adapted to your needs.

Yes, there are some features that aren’t ready for use. However, it is easy to implement them freely. The helpful community has already made many of the plugins. Sylius is based on the Symfony framework, considered by many to be the best PHP framework. It appears in two versions: Sylius (free open-source) and Sylius Plus (the paid one, but it’s worth it).

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some details of the paid version.

There is in fact a free basic version and a somewhat complete paid version. Since we are analyzing the costs, it seems appropriate to put this version under analysis.


Sylius Plus: prices

The annual license price depends on the value of the transactions that go through the platform (Gross Merchandise Volume). The price of Sylius Plus starts at 14,900 EUR per year. It’s not just a charge for extra add-ons, it includes support from the Sylius technical team and a dedicated Success Manager.

The commercial license retains the ability to modify the solution and adapt it to the real needs of your project (as in an open-source version). After purchase, you will get the source code available as a private repository on GitHub and, like the open source license, can be modified by the developer.

Is it a good solution for your E-Commerce project?

With Sylius Plus, you’ll get features that aren’t ready to use in a free version, available on GitHub, which means faster rollout. However, it’s worth considering if you actually need this solution. You may have tons of features, but do you really need them?

Remember that Sylius still has many basic plugins, which you can add to your application to make it perfect for your needs. Many of these have been developed by the community and many new features are created all the time. With Sylius you can really create your store however you want, as there are many templates that allow for easy integrations and a unique design.

What can it bring to your business?

  • Most popular payment methods
  • Product management
  • Order management and customer service
  • A fast and accurate search for products with ElasticSearch
  • Out-of-the-box omnichannel support in a free and open source version
  • High flexibility: can be used for B2C, B2B, Multivendor-Marketplace or as a headless microservice for VOD, e-learning platforms or SaaS. Sky’s the limit.


What more does Sylius plus have?

  • Advanced multi-store management
  • Returns management
  • Loyalty system
  • Hierarchical role-based access control management
  • Multi-source inventory management
  • Customer Success Manager, (optional) project success assistance and technical support supported by SLA

As you can see then, Sylius can be a really good answer and a good alternative to the major CMS for E-Commerce. It is a solution that allows many customizations, without necessarily needing too technical skills. With Sylius you can in fact create an online store, with multiple functions and that is perfectly suited to your business.



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