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How many times have we heard of VPS, but what exactly is it? What are its characteristics, why is it an excellent tool for E-Commerce? We will talk about this and much more in this article. So read on to find out all the secrets of VPS.

What does VPS mean and what are the advantages?

The term VPS means Virtual Private Server and in essence it is a hosting suitable for those who need to have the characteristics of a dedicated server , but want to take advantage of the convenience of shared hosting . So in essence, this tool can be managed as a dedicated server, with a separate work environment, its own IP address and specific RAM, CPU and storage resources.

The advantage of this solution is obviously linked to the reduced cost, compared to a dedicated server, while offering rather similar characteristics and functionalities. In fact, you can configure it as you see fit and insert all the resources and applications you want, managing RAM and CPU independently.

But, there is a but… in fact, even if it is a solution with similar characteristics to a dedicated sever, it is not. The resources are in fact shared with others, but it is still an excellent solution for those who need certain features, but want to stay with affordable prices.

Let’s say a VPS is actually like you have your own server, even if it is shared. Of course, it is not an easy solution to manage, which is why many providers, including us, offer managed VPS services. This means that a team of specialized technicians will be able to support you and offer you all the support you need.

What are the general characteristics of a VPS?

To be able to juggle well in choosing the hosting solution that best suits your needs, you need to know some fundamental information.

For instance:

  • VPS optimization: to have a good VPS that emulates all or almost a dedicated server, virtualizing a machine with characteristics similar to a dedicated one, this process must not significantly affect system resources. To keep it simple, the VPS you’re going to buy needs to be optimized, effective, and in full control.
  • Quality hardware: The server on which your VPS is hosted must be of quality. All those used by us are. So that we can guarantee excellent performance.
  • Discs: it is important that the quality of the discs that are part of the memory are of excellent quality.
  • Connectivity: the connectivity of the machines for a VPS must be present and have a good speed.
  • Support and Backup: backup is daily with 24h support
  • Scalability: this parameter is essential, because it allows you to add resources, in terms of RAM, CPU and disk, if necessary.

A hosting solution therefore rather interesting, which can be of great interest to the world of Ecommerce.

VPS for E-Commerce

Anyone who owns an E-commerce knows that it is essential to have a business that converts and this can only happen if you can get good traffic on your store. The work behind an E-Commerce to achieve good results is quite complex. SEO analysis, eye-catching graphics, usability, engagement, speed and much more …

So you need to choose your suppliers and services well, in order to achieve the desired results.

The choice of the type of hosting is therefore an aspect to be taken into great consideration. This is because a performing hosting can really make a difference, compared to one with poor features. In fact, the speed with which the site “moves” is a fundamental parameter, which can make the difference between a sale or not.

In fact, how many times have we found ourselves on slow sites, whose pages load slowly… what accesses in this case? that the user runs away.

To prevent all your customers from escaping to competing shores, you will need to choose a hosting service that is perfectly suited to your needs. Because hosting can actually affect conversions.

While an E-Commerce can also work well with shared hosting, the VPS offers something more .

As we said a few lines ago, VPS can really be an excellent solution, because it allows you to have the same advantages of a dedicated server, but at a reduced cost. This means that you have the possibility to tailor the resources, adapting them to your needs. In fact, you can choose: operating system, space and memory, managing everything as you see fit.


What should I consider in an E-Commerce VPS?

If you have therefore decided to rely on a VPS, it is right that you also consider some aspects, before making your final choice. In particular, there are some evaluations that you need to put in place, the details to be evaluated and the resources to be put in place. All this to understand how to get the best results from the hosting service you have purchased.

So let’s see, in the next list, a list of what must be the considerations to be made.

  1. Adequate RAM . The RAM must have characteristics suitable for your needs. There are various possibilities made available: 8GB -12GB – 32GB. For a Magento site we recommend starting with 8GB, but you can choose as you see fit.
  2. ADEQUATE SPACE . The storage space must also be adequate for your needs. In particular for large E-Commerce, this parameter is fundamental. It starts from a minimum of 160 GB up to 640 GB. However, this space can be expanded at a later stage if necessary.
  3. MANAGED : Managed means that you have a team of specialized technicians who can support you in any problems. There is also a full access solution, if you have the necessary skills to manage the VPS in total autonomy.
  4. SERVER and TECHNOLOGY: Both servers and virtualization technologies must be reliable.


As you have seen behind the VPS there is a whole world to discover. In fact, there are many functionalities that there are, depending on the type and needs of the customer. If you too have chosen to rely on a VPS or are undecided on which hosting option to choose,  contact us .

We will be happy to review all the best solutions with you and recommend the one that best suits your needs.


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