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As you surely know, the E-Commerce world is growing more and more, also and especially in recent times due to the pandemic crisis.

Hence, thousands of new Ecommerce businesses are born every year and new online retailers have many platforms to sell online.

These include Shopware, PrestaShop, Magento and even Woocommerce.

But what is the right platform to choose? Well the answer is, it depends.

It depends on what your needs are and the capital to invest. With our guides, we will try to inform you as best as possible on the characteristics of each platform, so that you can make an informed choice.

In today’s guide we are talking about Woocommerce, a WordPress module for doing Ecommerce.

How Woocommerce was born

Used on approximately 2.3 million ecommerce stores around the world, WooCommerce is particularly suited to new ecommerce merchants because it combines ease of use with incredible power, flexibility and functionality.

In 2011, two developers Mike Jolley and James Koster released WooCommerce, made by making a replica of the E-Commerce plugin Jigoshop.

In 2015, WooCommerce and its sister plugin WooThemes were both acquired by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.

When WordPress and WooCommerce became integral to each other, they made E-Commerce grow more and more with these two tools. Woocommerce has thus become one of the most used tools for online sales.

What is WooCommerce exactly?

WooCommerce is nothing more than a plugin for doing E-commerce with WordPress. In fact, with this extension, you can easily create and manage an online store.

You will have several key features available, such as inventory and tax management, secure payments, and shipping integration.

Why use WooCommerce?

As mentioned before, you can manage your E-Commerce in a very simple way, through Woocommerce.

In fact, this module offers many useful features, such as order tracking, customer engagement, delivery status updates, inventory management and more.

WooCommerce is easy to use and very convenient. You can also include both great SEO value and e-commerce capabilities.

But let’s see some reasons why you might choose Woommerce as a platform for your online store.

How to set up a WooCommerce store

To install Woocommerce you just need:

  • go to the WordPress dashboard
  • select “Plug-in options”
  • search for WooCommerce
  • download the plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Then, the installation wizard will guide you through the quick and easy process of creating your online store.

Simple isn’t it?

10 reasons to choose Woocommerce for your Ecommerce

1. WooCommerce pricing

When you are thinking of starting an online sales business and you are deciding for an E-Commerce platform, the economic element is fundamental.

The cost for an E-Commerce application ranges from zero to many thousands of dollars per year, but this difference in price is not necessarily related to the capacity of the application.

Woocommerce is free and this is certainly one of the reasons for choosing it.

Not to mention that WooCommerce is competitive with the main E-Commerce applications. And since it is free, any company or entrepreneur can leverage its capabilities without having to commit to expensive support contracts or proprietary software licenses. This is a very important element especially for those who are at the beginning of the business, where the costs to be faced to have a successful business are many.

Obviously, even with this extension, there may be paid elements perhaps related to payments or other.


2. WooCommerce can be extended

WooCommerce includes a rich set of features that can be extended with the addition of plugins. Those who use WooCommerce can therefore use thousands of WordPress plugins and themes, as well as hundreds of specific extensions for E-Commerce, created specifically for WooCommerce.

With the right plugins, you can create a perfect WooCommerce store for your every need, just like WordPress did.

Plug-ins can expand the functionality of the E-Commerce site, regarding shipping, payments, product management and more.

3. WooCommerce is WordPress

“But isn’t WooCommerce just WordPress?”
Many think that since Woocommerce is linked to WordPress, there may be limitations and therefore it is not an optimal choice for E-Commerce.

In fact, this guideline linking WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin is a plus. Compatibility between existing WordPress themes and WooCommerce themes will in fact allow for easy and very smooth integration.

WooCommerce inherits all the strength and reliability of WordPress and uses it to make its E-Commerce safe and efficient.


4. You can use WooCommerce to sell anything

WooCommerce as you have seen is very flexible and therefore can be adapted to the sale of any type of product.

In fact, you will be able to sell:

  • physical products
  • digital products
  • subscriptions
  • and so on.

So why not choose this multifaceted platform?

5. Extended developer community for WooCommerce

Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open source, this means that the platforms can be modified and improved with new features. There are many developers able to work with Woocommmerce, which may not happen for other platforms. Having a good number of developers who are able to implement the functionality of the platform is a great thing. Not to mention that developers working with other platforms can often be very expensive.

If you need to make changes to your WooCommerce store, then it won’t be difficult for you to find someone who can help you with this. Furthermore, its widespread use and developer network makes it much easier to achieve optimal WooCommerce security.

6. WooCommerce includes Power Analytics

Integrated analytics is another advantage of WooCommerce, because it allows you to have important data regarding the behavior of your customers. In this way you will be able to know their habits and understand how they interact with your store, to structure a targeted strategy.

WooCommerce provides a large set of analytics displayed in a clear and intuitive interface. Plus, it’s easy to integrate WooCommerce with external analytics services like Google Analytics with extensions.

7. WooCommerce grows with your business

The choice of platform must be targeted. You need to choose a system that can be scalable and grow hand in hand with your business.

One of the benefits of WooCommerce is that it’s great for both small and large stores. It can scale from a few products to many thousands and from a handful of buyers per day to hundreds of buyers per second.

As your WooCommerce website grows, you can increase the functionality of your online store as well.

8. WooCommerce offers world-class content management

Content is an important component of E-Commerce marketing, in fact it serves for the optimization of sales and search engines.

Together WordPress and WooCommerce offer a wide variety of content management options, including blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and product descriptions.

WooCommerce compatible SEO plugins like Yoast WooCommerce SEO allow retailers to easily optimize their content for search.

9. WooCommerce is fast

WordPress and WooCommerce can provide a fast and responsive Ecommerce experience for online stores of all sizes.

You can also speed up your WooCommerce store by using performance-optimized hosting.

10. WooCommerce perfect for selling

Another benefit of WooCommerce is that it is designed for sale. Inside, in fact, you will find everything you need to be operational.

In particular:

  • Over 100 payment gateways
  • Different shipping methods
  • An intuitive backend for stock management, refunds, orders, everything you need
  • Tons of free and premium configurable and responsive WooCommerce themes
  • Useful guides that can give you all the info to get started

In conclusion

WooCommerce provides a complete and easy to use E-Commerce solution, even for beginners. Solution that is able to adapt perfectly to the needs of your business.

Not to mention that being free and with many free modules, it can really be a good solution even for those with a small-medium business.


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